Climate change strike Bristol

Thousands are expected to attend in Bristol tomorrow, does this support show that the majority of the population of Bristol care about climate change and want to reverse it?

Why then has their been no particular change in consumer habits by the overall majority. From observation regarding food the general appetite for pre-packaged food from mass produced food outlets does not appear to be decreasing, appetite for meal deals heavily packaged in single use plastic stored in energy hungry refrigerators are still popular, people are drawn to the price the three items and the convenience, the price to the earth does not seem to appear to be considered or the salary of the people who have produced and grown the food.

How can we make the biggest change in our battle against climate change; Diet, lifestyle, stop consuming, stop flying, stop patronising unsustainable business, stop buying plastic, become vegan the options are endless where do we start?. Do we rely on the government and national infrastructure to implement these changes will our individual efforts actually make a difference?.

There are many changes which I could comment on for the purpose of this blog I will stick to topics which I feel comfortable with.

The culture in the UK does not currently facilitate an eco-friendly lifestyle . It is a huge effort and sometimes very costly venture to be eco-friendly. Appalling public transport which is expensive, unreliable and does not service large areas of the country. This is coupled with the fact that rural areas have no pavements, public transport or cycle paths which are safe to use so there is no choice but to use a car.

This has other repercussions; the lack of footfall has ensured that there are no shops on the  high streets which ensures that buying goods from the supermarket in a large retail park is the only option, goodbye green grocer, butcher and local baker and sustainable local producer who showcased their good here. High rents has ensured that our streets are full of large chain stores and food delivery services and internet shopping have further ensured the closure of independent businesses. 

The national rail system is a shambles our rail journey to tour Cornwall was three times more expensive than taking the car. Health and safety restrictions has killed the street food trade.

There is a culture now of people ordering one coffee to their home!  by delivery companies I frequently why is their no legislation against this, why is take-away packaging still acceptable ?

I question the difference made by sustainability teams in large corporate companies it appears to be a greenwashing check box exercise. For example the free lunch check box for the employees poses no stipulations on what the budget should be. At the Vegetable Diva budgets of £2.50 pp are presented to us for lunch this begs the question are these companies gaining sustainability goals by enslaving others further down the food chain?

Universities and educational establishments around the country are focussed on profit rather than providing sustainable nutritious unpackaged food. The days of the subsidised canteens are gone canteens now appear to be full of laptops and plastic or bio-plastic wrapped toasties and sandwiches without a single piece of cutlery or crockery in site they can be found in the graveyard gathering dust in the redundant kitchen in the basement.

Food from the major supermarkets are heavily packaged despite concern for the planet their popularity does not appear to be decreasing. We at the Vegetable diva launched an instagram challenge buy no packaged food for a week and show us the evidence and win a free lunch sadly nobody participated.

It begs the question do we just want to join the party tomorrow or are we going to walk the walk rather than talk the talk, I have met a lot of customers who are walking the walk I would just like there to be more of them, lets hope tomorrows speeches from this formidable young activist will provide the necessary motivation.

Go Greta we think you are a legend!

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Sonya - The Vegetable Diva.