Next steps for The Vegetable Diva

The Vegetable Diva was born as a way of creating a vegetarian emporium and community in the heart of Bristol. To that effect, it has been a complete success. From Tiffin deliveries and Christmas parties, to the regular customers who come to the café every morning with their reusable cup for a coffee and a pastry, I’m proud to say we’ve successfully built a community of vegetarian enthusiasts with a passion for sustainability. The community I’ve built is exploding from all angles - in the best way possible. The No-Dig Diva field is set to become a registered charity; we’ve taken on more catered events than ever before; my own expertise is in high demand as a panelist for events and conferences; the cafe is starting to be used for bespoke masterclass events; and our social media is gaining more and more momentum. So why change things when it’s going so well? I hear you ask. I feel it’s time to capitalise on this success by driving my energy into focusing on specific elements of our success, in particular food blogging - sharing inventive recipes that i’ve created through a lifetime of cultural exposure, nutritional development, and a lot of eating. But to do this isn’t without a sacrifice; for The Vegetable Diva, the sacrifice is the café itself. From Friday 21st February 2020 The Vegetable Diva café will officially close its doors for the last time. At least, in its current capacity. It’s time for The Vegetable Diva to start a new decade with a new focus, and although I’ve loved cooking at the café, the reality is that for my mission to soar, the café can’t continue. One thing we truly loved at the café was the change in behaviour from container-less customers who were inspired to start bringing containers with them to be filled with our delicious food. I feel that we can make a bigger impact on package and plastic reduction if this message is disseminated through our procurement contracts. Going forward, I’ll be sharing my recipes on this very website, with social media holding our vegetarian community together. This will allow me to spend more time on the No-Dig Diva field and more time promoting biodiversity/package free procurement at catering events, and even make appearances on TV and radio. So please stay in touch! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter, or add me on LinkedIn to stay in the loop with The Vegetable Diva and our cutting-edge community of Bristolian vegetable lovers. Yours, Sonya - The Vegetable Diva.