–  Please remember your containers and keep cups if you wish to take away if you forget remember you can rent one our grab menu requires no containers so don’t worry if you forget will still have things you can grab.

Breakfast/ Brunch bites

Filled croissants with scrambled egg  and sun blush tomatoes £3.50

House 4 grain porridge with optional compote/honey and seasonal fruit £2.50

House seed mix with yoghurt and seasonal compote £2.50

Vegetable muffins £2

Plain croissants  £2 

mini pan au chocolate  £1,


Hot Dishes £5.00 (all come with a grain, e.g. rice, cous cous)

Seasonal curry – Pumpkin and coconut 

Lasagna (Chard, tomato and hazelnut)

7 seasonal vegetable tagine

Thai lemon grass curry 


Beautiful salads  

£2.50 for a side portion or £5.50 for a salad plate selection.

Roasted cauliflower, Puy lentil and date 

Wilted greens, hazelnuts, raisin and quinoa

Fennel salad with pistachios and oven dried grapes


Grab Menu

Plant burgers £5.00

Amazing Rainbow wraps £4.50 

Toasties  £4.50

Cheesy, creamy seasonal  toastie