Our outdoor stock cupboard

We are very proud and attached to the diva digs, it is a two acre plot of land in North Somerset which we have transformed into a productive vegetable stock room for The Vegetable Diva. We laid a thick layer of cardboard on the pasture to kill the grass and suffocate the weeds and then applied a thick layer of mulch so that our crops had a healthy start without the use of any herbicides or pesticides are crops are chemical free!. The plot has expanded over the last two years and is still expanding. It will be our vegetable stock cupboard and in conjunction with our wonderful suppliers will be providing fruit and vegetables for our recipes. Its looking barren at the moment but watch this space in a few months it will be brimming with delicious produce.

In addition to this we are very fortunate to have a two mixed acre orchard where we have planted a mixture of heritage apples, pears, cob nuts and plums. As well as keeping our larder stocked the trees provide essential protection for flood risks by absorbing excess water and the pollen from the blossom is an essential food supply for the bees in the hives at the bottom of the orchard.