Sonya Devi

With a BSc in Nutrition and Msc in Public health under my belt I have been cooking since I was 10 and have pretty much eaten my way around the world. Coming from mixed heritage Indian / Dutch with a father who was a passionate cook I have been exposed to many different cuisines from a young age.

Other passions; my family, hiking, open water swimming, independent films, music and exploring.

I love food and preparing it for the public and am looking forward to sharing my passion with all of you and working with the many creative talents available in Bristol and setting up a vegetarian emporium for you all to enjoy. 

Matt Harris

I’ve been passionate about food from a young age and have really relished the opportunity to progress in my role as a chef over the last few years. Having moved away from a career in science I’ve used a lot of the skills I developed there in the kitchen environment, from experimenting with vegan fresh pasta mixes to baking the perfect pastry case. I’ve most recently been working at The Gallimaufry and before that 1847, where I’ve played a key role in creating seasonal, fresh and satisfying vegetarian and vegan dishes. I can’t wait to get baking and cooking great new vegetarian dishes and treats at The Vegetable Diva.

Serena Appleby

Hey, I’m Serena, your friendly neighbourhood Northern hobbit. From as young as i can remember i’ve always adored food and its something that is very close to my heart. Im part Filipino and that means one thing: rice. Rice is at the centre of my very being and the day is not done if i haven’t had at least two bowls of the stuff. 
My other favourite things include Adidas (if they did chefs white’s i’d be rocking them with pride every single day), lengthy anime series’ and drinking tonnes of one shot oat milk flat white’s and cold brew negroni’s down at Little Victories by the Harbourside.